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School Shootings and Whistler Getaways

Just the other night there were gun shots heard and after watching the news I learned it was at a neighbouring elementary school. I am totally shocked to know even our children’s safest place during the day turns into an absolute nightmare at night when gang violence goes unchecked. It is sickening and I just want it to end. I have thought about moving away from Surrey but housing prices are just too high these days. I’m at my wits end. Just to get away from it all I’m planning to take the kids to Whistler sometime soon. My husband probably won’t get time off and I can’t drive – which is why I’m glad I found this reliable Whistler bus service. Any fun recommendations for the kids up there?

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Peaceful Protesting

In light of the recent protests I’ve noticed in downtown Vancouver regarding the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration, I decided to do some digging into why such a fun filled event would be the target of such scrutiny. At first I thought people died or something in previous iterations of the function given the amount of hate and controversy. It was an event so fun and so uplifting – not to mention stylish as a local Vancouver limo service was present to escort some event VIPs to the show. That shiny black SUV limo was really something.

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A New Hope?

In light of the recent string of Surrey shootings, Our Premiere was supportive enough to publicly announce that her government is committed to fighting crime and returning order to our streets. Her offering? $270000 for a currently overburdened at-risk youth program call Wraparound. Hours after her public announcement more gunfire was heard as if Christy Clark’s words meant nothing. Luckily no one was injured and the RCMP is investigating the incident. The article can be read here on CTV News.

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The “I am Immortal” Syndrome

This isn’t really a crime update, but something I have seen time and time again that just makes me shake my head. There’s always people on the road or the parking lot who make reckless maneuvers that force me to stop for them. I guess bad driving isn’t only in Chinese communities as the stereotype would have us believe. Actually one of the safest drivers I know happens to be Chinese and he drives a limousine! Safety should always be No. 1 priority in everything.

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Feeling Safe At Night

Sometimes I catch myself walking the dog at night thinking he will protect me if something were to happen. I should never have to feel this way but it’s hard to help it when there’s this level of crime and violence that’s happening pretty much down a few blocks from where I live, it’s more than a bit unsettling. Shootings and drug trafficking have me terrified to go anywhere near the troubled neighbourhood of South Surrey.

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Gun and Gang Violence Forum

Last night I attended the Surrey Forum on Gun and Gang violence. It was so moving and inspirational that I wanted to share my experience with you. The speaker was once a troubled teen and hung out with a bad crowd just to feel acceptance. I know children, boys especially, want to feel “grown up” and tough, but it’s our job as parents to ensure they are exploring their identity in a safe environment.

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